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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Blm mergers and acquisitions

Instructions and Help about Blm mergers and acquisitions

Mergers acquisitions and failures last year has seen a lot of mergers and acquisitions around 2.4 trillion dollars to get an idea of how much money this is if you stack up two point four trillion dollars in $100 bills it'll stretch from Washington DC to Denver these mas were done for various reasons one tax avoidance in the u.s. to crushing the competition and three complementing capabilities to grow let's talk about the third reason the merger itself is a business decision but what needs to follow is a plan on the mechanics of how the merger will happen functional areas have to be merged business processes merged people reallocated IT systems made to work with one another and so on while preserving the combined company's competitive advantage and leveraging their respective strengths this is stuff according to an HBR study failure rates of mergers and acquisitions is around 80 percent in 2022 Bank of America was forced to rescue Merrill Lynch for forty four billion dollars but that was painful at best with long lasting implications including the CEO of Bank of America at the time Ken Lewis losing his job the cultural clash was one of the main problems in 2022 commerce won a high-flying internet company filed for bankruptcy after an acquisition failure the company had many applications running on different platforms and technologies customers wanted to integrate across these applications so commerce one acquired a platform company however the integration with the platform was difficult to accomplish leading to the company's demise how you want to integrate the two businesses depends on your intent to improve your current business's effectiveness you could dissolve the acquired company and fold its resources into the main business Cisco's fold of webex forest technology in 2022 was a great success while Chrysler's acquisition of Daimler in 1998 was a colossal failure though both did similar things why at the time of acquisition Chrysler's whole system was modular and could be reconfigured pretty quickly Daimler system however was monolithic integrating the two was too difficult at multiple levels people process technology and culture leaders need to use models as a basis to understand the impacts and implications of mergers and how to design the new organization models can help answer questions like what are the critical areas of focus how do we retain competitive advantage how to scale how to identify the need for new capabilities etc models drive successful mergers and acquisitions.

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