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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Division orders texas law

Instructions and Help about Division orders texas law

Music this video is going to explain how summer visitation is handled in a standard possession order we have a separate video that explains the other parts of a standard possession order and you can click the link or look at that video to have the entire standard possession order explained to you we're treating summer separately just because by itself it's a lot more complicated and it's the one part of a standard possession order that confuses most people so here's how summer works the parent with visitation still has his or her weekends 1st 3rd and 5th Friday to Sunday but they don't have Thursdays anymore because school is not in session but they have 30 days of visitation those 30 days in the summer can be done altogether in 30 consecutive days or it can be divided up into two blocks like 10 days here and 20 days here obviously because of the way the calendar is structured if you have 30 days in the summer it's going to cover up or take over some of your weekends you still have the weekend it's just part of your 30 days so by April 1st of each year the parent with visitation has to send written notice to the other parent of when they want their 30 days from June 10th through July 10th from June 10th to June 20th and another twenty day block and late July and August but whatever the schedule is they have to send their notice by April 1st if they don't send to notice don't worry then the parent with visitation without notice automatically gets the whole month of July from July 1st through July 31st then the parent with primary custody by April 15th can send a notice letter and take away one weekend from the 30 days of visitation that the other parent has so if dad sends a letter and says I won't June 10th through July 10th for my thirty days they have to send that notice by April first in this example mom this has until April 15th to send a letter or email and say I want this particular weekend that's in your 30 days the idea behind that is the parent with primary custody doesn't have to go a whole 30 days and not see their kid in addition the parent with primary custody either by April 15th or with two weeks notice can take away another weekend from the parent with visitation that isn't during their 30 days so if mom has primary custody she can wait till June and say I want to take away this one weekend in July the idea behind that is that then gives that parent two weeks in a row for them to take a long vacation so this can get really confusing the notice can be by letter certified letter email our family wizard if you use that program but you have to have some notice.


What does a division order mean?
A Division Order is an instrument which sets forth the proportional ownership in produced hydrocarbons, including crude oil, natural gas, and NGL's. Sometimes the Division Order is referred to as a division of interest. More often than not, a single well or lease will have multiple owners.
What is DOI in oil and gas?
The Department of the Interior (DOI) has released its much-anticipated report on how it plans to reform federal oil and gas leasing and permitting.
How is tract participation factor calculated?
If it is a producing gas well that requires 640 acres to be allocated to it, the operator likely formed a unit that included your 80 acre tract. If the unit covers 640 acres and your tract covers 80 acres, then your tract participation factor is 12.5% (80/640)
What are oil division orders?
A division order is a contract between you and the operator (an oil and gas company). Typically, receiving a division order means that the operator is about to drill, or that the operator has already drilled a well and your minerals are producing.
How are mineral rights royalties calculated?
Royalties are calculated as a percentage of the revenue from the minerals extracted from your property. For example, if oil is selling for $60 per barrel and the you negotiated a 1/16th royalty, you would receive $3.75 for every barrel of oil recovered from your land.
What is a division of interest?
Division Of Interest (DOI) DOI is frequently-used as an umbrella term to capture the joint ownership and how responsibilities and rewards for a given oil & gas asset (i.e. well) are split. Who pays for what portion of the costs and who is entitled to the produced hydrocarbons are dictated by a well's DOI.
How do you calculate royalty decimal interest?
The decimal interest is calculated by dividing the number of acres the landowner has in the unit by the total number of acres in the unit, multiplied by the royalty percentage under the gas lease.
What is the purpose of a division order?
The main purpose of a division order is to protect the payor of the proceeds of production from double liability.
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