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Our next speaker is Professor Laura Byrne she is a professor at the st. Mary's Law School and she but she's not just a professor she's a professor and a practitioner also so she she does she does it all she's going to be speaking to you today about oil and gas conveyancing professor bernie is a former chair of the State Bar oil and gas oil gas and energy resources law section she is a prolific writer and you as as we've had with several of our speakers today you will find her name involved in many of the leading articles and texts that deal with oil and gas law so without further introduce to you miss Bernie good afternoon sure I've got this so you can hear me does that work go to the back of the room I'm used to speaking loudly from teaching early in the morning to keep myself awake in my students I am here to give you the piece of your course this morning that has to do with the documents we draft or the documents that are interpreted that affect the rights for drilling and producing oil and gas and then also entitle interest owners to payments from the production of that oil and gas and you've been exposed a little bit to some of these issues this morning with Professor cool and ER and others but this title by now maybe if you truly are here because your fundamentals and new to oil and gas law at some point you're going to want to read Daniel Yergin book the prize and it's a very comprehensive book but when it comes to my topic mineral titles one line he has in there that you're going to learn very quickly that's ironic is the first job before producing is simply to clarify the title you're about to see that mineral and royalty titles are anything but simple it used to be this was 2021 just to show you how quickly things can change but I had this slide in my presentation because when their booms are going on this is when courthouse parking lots are full with land men the people who are charged with interpreting titles to figure out some of the basic questions you have to before drilling like who owns a mineral interest because that's the person as you now know those interest owners they have the executive right or the right to execute the lease those parking lots aren't quite so crowded right now but this is a boom and bust industry what we're going to see today though is the litigation over these titles still continues so we will be talking about a lot of interpretation issues those interpretation issues then drive drafting so the paper and the titles give you a little bit about it what is so different about oil and gas law when I teach it to students who maybe they've had a little.


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