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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Oil and gas leases for dummies

Instructions and Help about Oil and gas leases for dummies

All right here we go okay all right just going to go through a quick policy statement first thing I want to talk about is some of the landowners we've got or some of the resources we have for landowners this is the oil and gas website that's specially designed and is only oil and gas fracking information for the public landowner info for oil and gas leasing is one of the handouts that I have out there for you it talks about the oil and gas lease what the language in the lease means and some alternative language that people in other parts of the country have used to negotiate changes in the lease state of Michigan oil and gas lease is another handout I have out there for you state of Michigan has more minerals under lease than anybody in the state every oil and gas company that deals with the state of Michigan uses their lease so it's a very good very good comparison with the least you're offered from a land man you can compare that leased with what the state of Michigan is using oil and gas resources for landowners is another handout I've got out here for you it is a list of attorneys that have told us they one of their specialties is oil and gas leasing so if you want to consult with a legal expert on your least there's a list for you and along with oil and gas development any kind of development there can be right-of-way opportunities pipelines roads that kind of things we've got information on the rules of the game on rights-of-ways because you need to know those rules or you can leave a lot of money on the table if you're a landowner and then a new publication on our website is buy an oil and gas attorney in Colorado that's very very complete and is another really good resource to learn about leasing there's a lease addendum on the website it's an addendum that's actually been used on a lease in another state it'll give you an idea of what language has been changed in a lease by another landowner and then I have an oil and gas newsletter that I published quarterly that's free and if you want to subscribe to that by email you can email me at that address and then MSU Extension has MSU news and I try to publish some articles on oil and gas in that format also ok this is a picture of a well in the in Pennsylvania that's being hydraulically fractured and what I want to what my point here is is that like has been brought up before you know these are bigger wells bigger pads you know more potential impact and it all begins with you the landowner this is where it all starts now my my background is I when I was with private industry I managed farms and ranches for absentee.


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