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Inherited mineral rights Form: What You Should Know

Mineral Ownership in a Developing Country — International Resources International, Ltd. How to Own Mineral Rights in Canada Alberta Government Deposits  How long before deposits are considered part of the reserve and have tax-free status? The general rule is 30 years. What are the tax implications? Deposits held in the Crown, are eligible for an automatic 30% tax-free, over and above the statutory 15% tax-free on mineral income. Do I need a royalty declaration? A freehold landowner or licensee requires an Annual Statement of Royalties to be filed with the Ministry to establish tax status. What constitutes a royalty? Royalties are an income-producing right for certain minerals. Royalties are not income for other commodities. How can I avoid paying tax on mineral rights? A freehold land licensee or landowner can avoid paying mineral royalty taxes if they have a separate contract in place that outlines royalty payments, either in the form of payments or advances. Can I still deduct the royalties from income? There are tax advantages to this. The freehold mineral owner does not pay royalties on the production of minerals as a resource, unlike a corporation that uses such minerals as income. He/she can deduct his/her royalty payments from income. What is a production tax credit? A production tax credit of up to 2.2 million per year is available for the initial stage of making a mineral lease (mining stage) or a deposit into a reserve. During this stage the mineral production is considered an income-producing asset and is subject to a percentage of income tax. The producer or mineral right owner can claim this on their gross income using the “Election to Claim the Production Tax Credit” in Form T1909. There are various factors that apply to the tax treatment of a production tax credit. These include the purpose of the production (resource development or exploration; or a deposit into a reserve) and the size of the production (0.3% or 25%) and the length of the production (30 or 100 years).

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FAQ - Inherited mineral rights

How do I find out if I own the mineral rights?
Mineral rights sales are filed at the county recorderu2019s office. Like other land sales, you should be able to find out with a title insurance search.Mineral rights are verified through deeds. Sometimes finding deeds that prove mineral ownership can prove difficult as a transfer of ownership has not been diligently processed from one generation to another.Mineral ownership may be affected by a will, trust, divorce degree, or other documents. Some counties index these documents by u201cgrantoru201d and u201cgranteeu201d or the names of the parties to the transaction.Some state laws consider mineral interests to be u201cabandonedu201d if severed interests (that is, the surface owner is different from the mineral interests owner) have not been used for a period. The interest is considered used if activity regarding this interest has taken place, generally documented by the recording of a lease, mortgage, or other documents. This issue is complex and best handled by a land professional or a lawyer.For more information visit www.uniroyalties.com
How do I find out if I own the mineral rights under my home?
You would start by looking at your deed, there you will look for a mineral reservation. It may read something like block 1,lot 1, neighborhoodu2026. SAVE AND EXCEPT: all minerals on and under surfaceu2026or something similar to it. If you donu2019t see one then itu2019s a good start. Next, you would go to the county clerks office (possibly online, some have records that back awhile scanned into a database), there you can look at the deed granted to the person who sold it to you. Check that for a mineral reservation. Then, you do the deed before that, then again, and again until you get the the sovereignty of the soil (when the state became a state).In Texas, deeds go back to mid 1800u2019s when the State of Texas issued land Patents for 320 acres or 640 acres, and in certain parts of Texas you would need to read Spanish land grants. Itu2019s a long complicated task that people get paid very good money to do. There is no easy way to find out if you own mineral reservations without doing the research. You may find out the the mineral estate was severed in the 1800u2019s, or 1900u2019s, or the person before you kept them.Who knows, you may even like doing the research. Just make sure you read the deeds from beginning to end and look for the reservation, if any.
I inherited some mineral rights to land in the western part of the U.S. and have been contacted by a party interested in leasing the rights. How do I determine the dollar amount for the lease that is fair to me and the interested party?
In oil and gas the going rate for mineral rights can range anywhere from 15-20% of production revenue of a well.u00a0 This would be on top of surface rights (if you own the surface) which is only a small sum of money per well ($1,000-2,000 per well/ year usually) plus a first year bonus.u00a0 You would also get more surface money for any pipelines or facilities.u00a0 Definitely contact an attorney that specializes in this stuff.u00a0 Also you'll want to start a corporation to manage it all, and for tax purposes.
How do I find out if any of my family has or had land on which received mineral or oil rights and if I am entitled to anything?
I can only pra partial answer based on personal experience. In Florida, where I bought my first house in 1978, the deed specifically excluded mineral rights. This is not always the case, however. In a fee simple title, mineral rights are included unless stated otherwise. You would have to check the public records to determine what situation applies in your case. Here is a link to a good discussion of the subject:Real Property Mineral, Gas, and Oil Rights Affected by Real Estate Deeds
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Get a secured credit card.This is one that require you to put up the money first, say $1000. Then the bank holds those funds and you can have a $1000 line of credit that you will then have to pay in addition to the $1000 they are already holding as collateral.Hereu2019s a better idea.Convert half of your funds to Cryptocurrency. Itu2019s a bear market but we are beginning to see the Bulls On Parade!!!Once your funds are in Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or Ethereum. Kick back and watch your money grow as the seeds of revolution continue to take hold and blossom around the globe.If you needed to access your Cryptocurrency via a debit card try the BitPay Bitcoin Debit card.
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